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4:00 AM is the fifth hour of Wick.




Subject references website for Wick players. Possible evidence related to missing person case.

Website (7) entered into evidence.

Friend 1: It's just a made-up website. I thought the video was fake but, maybe not?



  • Lillian and Tom will spawn frequently when they attack, while Benny and Caleb actually wander the map so there's a chance of stumbling upon them. Multiple children can attack at a time, so be sure to steer clear of Benny and Caleb, since others such as Lillian or Tom may spawn and force collision with them.


Exclusive to this hour:

  • Collection E: Find all collectibles for 4:00 AM: the gas mask, lantern, and shoe.
  • Fifth Hour: Complete 3:00 AM.

Possible to complete, but not exclusive:

  • The Rock of "Nope": Encounter Lillian at the rock.
  • Go Back To Sleep: Survive an awakened Benny.
  • Claustrophobia: Encounter Tom in the wood shed.
  • Dig THIS!: Survive Caleb after he resurfaces.
  • Well, well, well...: Place three lit candles on the well.
  • Matchstick Man: Complete an hour without using candles.
  • Lights On: Complete an hour without darkness.

Tasks that are part of an achievement:

  • Reveal The Truth: Unlock 5:00 AM by collecting all items.

Collectible Items

ve Wick's Gas Mask


Sounds of gunshots, bombs, and a man's coughing.

In-Game Description: Early 20th century military issue gas mask. Made in America. U.S. First Army.

Main Location: Lying near the Water Tower.



Found on 4:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on first grave. Activates Tim once picked up. Place in main location.

ve Lantern


Lillian: Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home. Your house is on fire and your children are gone.

In-Game Description: Older model solid brass kerosene lantern with mantle. No longer functions.

Main Location: Sitting on the stove in the Wood Shed.



Found on 4:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on fourth grave. Activates Benny once picked up. Place in main location.

ve Caleb's Shoe


Lillian: Run run, as fast as you can, can't catch me I'm the Boogeyman!

In-Game Description: Old fashioned striped boys size 9 running shoes, studded. Poor condition from overuse.

Main Location: On the bridge.



Found on 4:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on fifth grave. Activates Caleb once picked up. Place in main location.

Unlocked Items

ve (7) Website

Audio Transcript:

Friend 1: It's just a made-up website. I thought the video was fake but maybe not? I think it's obvious who would want to do something like that. He seemed way more into it than the rest of us.

How To Unlock:


Collect all items in 4:00 AM: the gas mask, lantern, and shoe.

No Way Out



If the player did not collect all the items, the game will end upon completion of 4:00 AM. Sam is found alive and his friends are punished. There is audio of the friends discussing these turn of events. If the player does collect all items, 5:00 AM will be unlocked.

Sam seemingly survives to see the morning.


Search party locates missing teen. Subject hospitalized for emotional trauma. Group to be charged with Wrongful Endangerment and Hoax.


Duncan: I can't believe you called the cops before it was over.

Friend 4: Shut up.

Friend 1: Leave her alone, you've done enough damage for one night.

Duncan: I told you there was something out there.

Friend 3: I wonder what happened before the cops got there...I kept thinking of those eyes, so messed up.

Friend 1: That's our friend you're talking about. Your friend who might never be the same because of this.

Duncan: You didn't have to come, you know. Nobody forced you.

Friend 4: Never should have listened to you.

Friend 1: You and your stupid game.

Duncan: Exactly. It's just a game. So...who wants to go next?

Case closed.

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