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– Travis "Tbubber" Burton, No Way Out

The Bridge is a structure located in the southern region of the main area.


The structure is worn down, its metal has rusted and the wooden planks that once lined the road are displaced. It has open spaces the player can fall in and connects a gated entrance to the Homestead area. In the past, it allowed safe passage across the large ravine beneath.



  • The bridge is where the A Bridge Two Fear event takes place. It involves the twins Tim and Tom standing at both ends of the bridge, trapping the player between them. Surviving this encounter earns a Steam achievement.
  • Under the bridge near where the leg brace is found, a charred, wooden baby crib can be seen. Walking towards it will make it disappear, similar to the noose and chair found in the Wood Shed.
  • While walking under the bridge, the player can experience sudden loud noises, as if something heavy was stomping on it from above.


  • During the alpha of Wick, the bridge was only one broken half, not connecting to anything in particular. This confused several play testers.


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