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Holy shit, there really is a graveyard here...

– Travis "Tbubber" Burton, No Way Out

The Graveyard is not formally marked on any map, but can be located in the northern part of the map.


The graveyard is in a clearing and contains five graves in an arc like shape. Most of the gravestones have Celtic knot engravings.

In No Way Out, the graves are decorated with a few pumpkins.


They were put in place by the townspeople in honour of the missing Weaver children and dead parents. The Weavers' personal belongings that were salvaged from the fire were buried here in lieu of bodies.


Role In The Game

This location is the setting for the ending of 5:00 AM where all of the Weaver children gather in front of Sam.

In No Way Out, the main objective is to take a belonging of the Weavers from one of the selective graves and put it in the correct spot somewhere else on the map. Each grave has up to three possible collectibles that correspond with each child. Once an item is picked up, that Weaver child will become active.



  • In Last Year, the shovel is not one of Caleb's collectibles to be picked from his grave. Instead, it is propped against a tree behind the graveyard.

The shovel's appearance
in No Way Out.

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