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The Headcam is a collectible item in Wick.

ve TBubber's Headcam


TBubber: Going through some of my comments from my previous videos like I always do. There was a comment here from Zoe73 and she says that my new catchphrase should be "TBubber DBubber, make sure you're a Subber." Yes Zoe, I will absolutely never be saying that.


TBubber: This next comment is from AaronSayWhat. Aaron say WHAAAT?! And it says, "TBubber, been watching your videos since the beginning, and your last video literally scared the shit out of me." Well Aaron, I think you're literally using the word literally wrong, or you really need to go clean yourself up immediately, cuz that's gross man.


TBubber: Hey guys, TBubber here! Comin' atcha with my latest episode! You guys sure are loving the scary stuff: 500,000 views on that last one?! Whaat?!?

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In-Game Description: Newer model wearable video camera. Poor condition from exposure to elements.

Main Location: On the couch.



Found on Midnight.

No Way Out

Kept in Counselor's Cabin.



  • The accompanying audio references Youtuber and Wick fan AaronSayWhat.

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