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Well, they did say there was a tragic fire!

– Travis "Tbubber" Burton, No Way Out

The Homestead is the house remains located towards the northwest when heading north from the bridge.


In the News Archive evidence, the building was described as "an old wooden structure". In the Toasty! event, some of the home's original interior can be seen briefly. Facing the fireplace, a window can be seen to the left of the fireplace, and a door to the right. Now, the only parts left standing are the fireplace, chimney, and rocks that were once the foundation.

The homestead used to be the home of the Weaver Family, until a mysterious fire burned it down in the 1920's.



When the fireplace is approached before 2:00 AM, fire can sometimes be seen in the pit and screams can be heard. Movement will be disabled until it disperses.

After 2:00 AM, there is a chance to witness the ghostly illusion of the house burning down as if present during the time. The event begins once standing in or near the house remains. Suddenly, the remains become a fully made room with walls and a floor. There is fire everywhere as Mary Weaver stumbles, crying. She lets out a scream as she falls to the floor. Viewing this gives earns the Toasty! Steam achievement. This event can only occur once in a play-through.

On 5:00 AM, Mary can materialize without approaching the fire and charge without warning. This will not kill the player.


  • According to a game designer commentary, this location was added very late in development.[1]



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