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John Weaver was the patriarch of the Weaver family. He served in the army until he was discharged in 1918. He was isolated from the local community, spurring rumors that he received face deforming injuries during the war. He supposedly died in the fire that took his wife Mary's life, though evidence found hints that he hanged himself.


Although John only appears in a green, misty color in the Hangin' Out With Dad event, some of his features are easily distinguishable.

John has a slim build. His hair is cut short and neatly. On the right side of his face, his skin is bumpy as if burned. He is missing his right eyelids and the lips on his right side are curled. His right arm also appears burned, and he is missing some parts of his pinky and ring fingers. He wears a button up shirt with rolled up sleeves, jeans, and casual style shoes. 


According to the News Archive evidence, John Weaver had served in Ypres during World War I and was sent home February, 1918 with the Silver War Badge. This was described as a "war dismissal of duty" by Duncan in his research. Once he returned home, he remained inside the Weaver's home on Mount Todd, where rumors from locals suggested that he had been heavily disfigured in battle.

In the audio accompanying Journal Page 29, John seems to be ordering someone in a fatherly fashion to not enter the woods, no matter how strong or fast this person is. Considering this journal page is Caleb-themed, and the fact that Caleb can be described as "strong and fast", John must be scolding Caleb about the dangers of the woods. It is still not clear what this danger is.

In the noose's audio clip, John speaks harshly about Mary, stating that she had finally destroyed their family with her wicked lies. He states that she had denied her sin and blamed the church, though she had been the one to invite the devil into their bed. He says that he hopes Mary pays with her own life as he has paid with his. It is suggested that he then hangs himself.

Role in the Game

His presence was hinted at in the main game. Sometimes when the player enters the Wood Shed, they would be greeted by a chair and hanging noose. It would simply disappear once approached.

John Weaver appears in an event in No Way Out. If the player goes into the wood shed, they have the chance of seeing the ghost of John preparing to hang himself. John can be seen on top of a chair with a noose around his neck. He tentatively taps his foot on the backrest. Suddenly, he knocks the chair over and is instantly killed. He will disappear and the player will obtain the noose as evidence and be granted the Hangin' Out With Dad achievement.


Collectible Items

ve Wick's Gas Mask


Sounds of gunshots, bombs, and a man's coughing.

In-Game Description: Early 20th century military issue gas mask. Made in America. U.S. First Army.

Main Location: Lying near the Water Tower.



Found on 4:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on first grave. Activates Tim once picked up. Place in main location.

Unlockable Items

ve John Weaver's Noose

Audio Transcript:

(night insects chirping)
John: Goodbye Mary. Your wicked lies have finally destroyed our family. My heart and soul. You deny your sin and blame the church, but it was you who invited the Devil into our bed, and look what it has cost us. I gave my pride, my honor, and even my body for God and country, but your demons stole the rest of me, piece by piece. My final prayer is that you pay with your own life as I now pay with mine. God forgive me. May I find what is lost.

In-Game Description: Coil of rope tied into a Hangman's Noose.

How To Unlock:



No Way Out

Encounter John Weaver's ghost in the Wood Shed as part of the Hangin' Out With Dad achievement.

Related Items

ve Tom's Rattle


(Sound of a baby's crying, Brahm's Lullaby playing)
John Weaver: What's wrong with him?

In-Game Description: Infant's toy. High quality materials suggest European in origin, early 1900s.

Main Location: On a seat in the bus.



Found on 3:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on second grave. Activates Tom once picked up. Place in main location.

ve Journal Page 29

Journal Page 29.jpg
Audio Transcript:

John Weaver: I won't let you go into those woods...I forbid you! You may be strong and fast, but none of us can run from this!

Image Transcript:

See this item's page for the full details.

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How To Unlock:



No Way Out

After placing one of Caleb's items: the shoe or trophy.


  • He has a resemblance to the DC Comics villain Two-Face.

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