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Tim Weaver is the first of many enemies the player will encounter, appearing as early as Midnight. He is a masked child who looks to be approximately in his early teens, and is the twin brother of Tom. He wears a white mask with a smiling expression carved into it along with a schoolboy uniform.


Tim is notorious for toying with the player before attacking them. This toying often involves briefly manifesting himself for a split-second or sprinting past them in an attempt to unsettle them. When running past the player, he appears transparent. Sometimes, while the player is moving around, they will hear his footsteps behind them. He will also wheeze loudly.

Tim pursues the player by chasing them and will initiate a chase in several ways. The simplest is when the player happens to turn around at the right moment and Tim will appear. Most notably, Tim's crescendo event involves him falling from the trees and landing in front of the player. He is the only one of the Weaver children known to do this. He is also one of three children that can be spawned by the crescendo event, the other two being Tom and Lillian. On some occasions, Tim will fall from the trees without any warning.

Tim has two animations he performs before beginning the pursuit. He will either hold his masked face and throw his head back as he coughs, or crouch down on one knee and hold his arms back as he shudders, wheezes, and hisses.

While the player should not look back towards him during the chase, if timed properly, there is a brief instance to catch him ceasing his trail. Then, the player will be able to watch him stop and fade away within a green flame.

Death Animations

When Tim catches the player, there are many ways he will kill them. In most animations, he initiates the attack by punching the player with his right fist, knocking the player to the ground. He will then turn the player around to face him. From this point, Tim kills the player using one of these methods:

  • He stomps the player's head in.
  • He grabs the protagonist by the collar and beats their head against the ground multiple times.
  • He grabs the player by the collar with his right hand and punches them with his left fist. Then, he will lift the player a bit and quizzically look at them before knocking the protagonist out with a sudden headbutt.
  • In one death animation, Tim will not start off with a punch. Instead, he will distract the player and stare at them. Abruptly, Tom will appear to push the player to the ground. They will both look down at the player and outreach their hands as the protagonist fades out of consciousness. It should be noted that this is technically a Tim death animation, as it is activated only by getting caught by Tim.
  • Tim will immediately headbutt Sam, knocking him unconscious.


Tim has curtained hair, reddish-brown in colour. His skin has a reddish hue. He has small scratches on his legs, hands, and face. He is also quite thin.

Tim wears a presumably hand-crafted mask, very similar to the one worn by Tom, except unbroken and with a large smile carved into it. The school boy uniform worn by Tim is unknown in origin. It consists of a green plaid sweater vest with a white long-sleeved undershirt. A school crest patch is on the left breast of the vest. He has a neatly made necktie and the undershirt is tucked into his brown shorts. He wears a pair of saddle shoes and socks.

Tim frequently makes wheezing sounds while he is stalking or chasing the player. He has a distinct quirk in which he will cock his head to the side while looking at the player.


Tim has many Steam achievements associated with him.

  • The achievement "Everyone Dies" is awarded to players who die within the first hour, Midnight. He is the only active child on this hour.
  • The achievement "Schooled!" has the player encountering Tim in the Bus.
  • The achievement "A Bridge Two Fear" involves the player encountering both Tim and Tom on the bridge.


  • Tim is very easy to avoid. If he is seen and starts to give chase, simply run in another direction until he gives up. The music that accompanies him will suddenly stop as a cue to his ceased pursuit. Tim is also easy to skirt around quickly while his pre-chase animations play out, this can be a good idea particularly if Tim is trying force collision with another child like Caleb.
  • Tim is very dangerous in closed quarters and when paired with another child. Try to avoid running into scenarios such as this.
  • If wheezing, growling, or footsteps can be heard from behind, don't turn around as this will trigger a chase. Only when Tim's sounds are accompanied by music should the player run.
  • Tim is temporarily stunned by the light if caught while sneaking up. This allows for a slight head start.


  • It is commonly theorized that Tim's wheezing was caused by some form of injury or sickness.
  • Tim's first name is actually short for Timas, not Timothy.
  • It is bizarre that Tim's mask can be found both on his character and as a collectible. This brings into question whether or not there are multiples of the mask.
  • Tim and Tom are the only children to work together in one of their killing animations.
  • Before being named Tim, he was going to be named Joshua.
  • The lack of nostrils in Tim's mask is suspected by some to symbolize his inability to breath properly, thus causing his constant wheezing.
  • In the pre-alpha of Wick, Tim and Tom weren't going to wear masks and they looked identical.
  • It is possible for players to get the double team death animation on Midnight, which is unusual since Tom is not active yet.
  • Tim is voiced by Christopher Mair, CEO of Hellbent Games [1].
  • If the player gets killed by any of the other spirits while Tim is chasing them down, Tim can catch up to them and briefly trigger his death animation as they're blacking out.
  • There is a glitch where Tim can catch the player right at the very second he disappears, causing the game to freeze up as shown here (at 1:10) https://youtu.be/crx-b_thmww

No Way Out Behaviour

Most of Tim's tactics from the main game stay the same in No Way Out. Tim's new ability is to hide behind objects and pop out right in front of the player. He also has a new running animation.

No Way Out Death Animations

  • Tim pounces on TBubber and claws his face. TBubber throws his head back against the ground and can be seen being dragged away as the camera fades to black.
  • Tim pounces on TBubber and stabs him repeatedly with his whittling knife.

No Way Out Description

Tim's vest is now red, and his clothes are generally much more filthy than in the main game. His mask looks charred and has an exaggerated skull design, and when turned upside down, the design is actually a handprint. There is also no visible mouth carving on the mask either, instead the joints on the handprint make up much of the skull design. His wheezing sounds are also more vicious sounding.

No Way Out Achievements

Tim and Tom have to be activated to unlock the Sunday Worship achievement.

No Way Out Tips

  • Avoid getting too close to trees if possible as Tim will slide out from behind them unexpectedly.
  • Try not to use all of your stamina running away from Tim, it will make it easier for the other children to catch you otherwise.

No Way Out Trivia

  • In the trailer for No Way Out, Tim can be heard saying "You've come back" [2]. This line has not appeared in-game.
  • In this tweet [3] that revealed Tim's No Way Out drawing, the poem snippet is taken from The Neighbors by Theodosia Pickering Garrison [4].

Timas Weaver, known as Tim, was a boy who lived on Mount Todd with his family in the 1920's. He had a twin brother, Tom, and three other siblings: Benny, Caleb, and Lillian. His parents were John and Mary.

Tim seemed to have done whittling as a hobby. His keepsakes include a whittling knife with his name carved into it and the masks, which are described as being carved. There is audio of Tim suggesting that he made the smiling mask for someone whose bandages were coming off. In the audio for the broken mask, he can be heard asking his mother if whoever will receive the mask (most likely Tom) will like it. The audio accompanying the knife is Tim telling an unknown person very coldly, "You hurt him, and I'll hurt you." This audio suggests a grave situation in which Tim may have gotten into a fight, and may explain the bloodstains on the hilt. It seems that Tim was willing to hurt people to protect someone he cared about. This person may be Tom, but it is not confirmed.

The twins (third from the left) standing with the other Weaver children.

In the Photograph evidence, Tim can be seen standing with his siblings in front of the family's wood shed, wearing their Halloween costumes. What seems to be a simple family photo becomes more complicated and sinister as other evidence is thrown into the mix. In the interview with Mr. Edwards included with the photo, he states that at the Pine Creek Summer Camp, Benny was known to "preach" about twin brothers stolen in their sleep by the Devil. Furthermore, Journal Page 11 reveals that there was no record of the Weaver family having twins. This is supported in the News Archive evidence and the newspaper clipping in Journal Page 21, in which the Weavers are cited as having only three children. It seems that for some reason, the twins were hidden from the public, and later completely disappeared.

Duncan listed some theories about the nature of the Weaver twins on Page 11:

  • The twins were the product of an affair
  • The twins were orphans
  • They corresponded with legends of twins sharing an emotional state
  • The twins had "folie à deux", or shared psychosis

Journal Page 17's audio is Pastor McAlroy reprimanding Mary for bringing "changelings" to his doorstep. Journal Page 34 (Tom's page) has Duncan come to the conclusion that there were "changelings" involved. In European folklore, the changeling is said to be a creature switched with a human child by a fairy or other mythical creature. In actuality, children accused of being changelings often had unexplained diseases or disorders [5]. Because of this, as well as Benny's claim that his brothers were stolen by the Devil, it is possible that Tim and Tom are the changelings. The audio accompanying Page 34 involves Mary praying desperately to God to wash away her sins, all while two babies are crying. At the end of the audio, a strange roar can be heard. The babies are most likely the twins. The origin of the strange roar is unknown, but may be related to the changeling situation.

The audio with Journal Page 11 (Tim's page) has Tim asking Mary why "we" can't go home. He asks if she even loves "them" anymore, and if she has spoken to John. He also states that "it's so cold out here". He speaks in a distraught voice. It is possible he is speaking of himself and his brother Tom, suggesting Mary was keeping the boys from coming back home and forcing them to stay outside in the cold for an uncertain reason.

How Tim died is still unknown. It is possible that his bloodstained knife is involved. Another theory is that Tim died from some sort of asphyxiation, due to his constant wheezing as a ghost. Either that, or his hallowed breathing is due to an illness he had in life. Nothing can be concretely said on this matter, however.

His three other siblings besides his twin were later the victims of a strange occurance in which their family house burned down, which killed their mother. Their father hanged himself in the wood shed. The children, however, went missing. As well, their bodies were never found. It is possible that the twins had actually went missing way before this event, as Benny was talking about them being missing when he was alive. But it seems that they all had become violent supernatural beings somehow due to this event.

The twins were involved in many people's disappearances. One of the first ones known to the audience chronologically is shown in the Sunday Worship event. After Pastor McAlroy attempts to cast out the strange shadowy being wrecking havoc in the church, Tim and Tom appear suddenly, standing in the doorway. Tim is seen walking nonchalantly towards the podium while Tom teleports in front of the pastor and presumably chokes him to death. In the interview with Old Man Edwards from Page 17, it is revealed that the church had been burned to the ground, leaving a "black pit" with nothing burned around it. Nobody saw the pastor after that.

Later, Tim was involved in the disappearance of paranormal investigator Travis "TBubber" Burton. On Halloween night in 2014, TBubber goes on his last legend trip to the Weaver property. He takes the children's keepsakes and puts them at random places on the map, which seemed to anger their spirits. After that, TBubber was eager to leave, but the children gave him one last chase which led him to the Counselor's Cabin in the Camp. Someone hits TBubber with a shovel, killing him. His body was never found by the police. It is interesting to note that Tim does not join his siblings in this final chase.

A year later, the Weaver children antagonize Sam, who is playing Wick at the behest of his friends. Sam spends the night collecting the children's keepsakes. How he dies is not clear, but he is seen with rotten skin, standing before the children, who appear more welcoming than violent. Tim is standing next to his twin brother and Benny, his arms behind his back looking at Sam with his head tilted to the side. It can be assumed the kids made him his own grave next to theirs in the graveyard. The police never find his body.

Collectible Items

ve Tim's Mask


Tim: It's for when the bandages come off.

In-Game Description: Hand-carved face mask with holes for eyes and a laughing countenance.

Main Location: On the mantle of the fireplace in the Homestead.



Found on Midnight.

No Way Out

Spawns on first grave. Activates Tim once picked up. Place in Main Location.

ve Tim's Knife


Tim: You hurt him and I'll hurt you.

In-Game Description: Short blade commonly used for whittling. Well-worn handle with the name Tim carved into hilt. Possible dried blood on shaft.

Main Location: Near the Campfire.



Found on Midnight.

No Way Out

Spawns on first grave. Activates Tim once picked up. Place in Main Location.

ve Wick's Gas Mask


Sounds of gunshots, bombs, and a man's coughing.

In-Game Description: Early 20th century military issue gas mask. Made in America. U.S. First Army.

Main Location: Lying near the Water Tower.



Found on 4:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on first grave. Activates Tim once picked up. Place in main location.

ve Tim Drawing

Wick Hintsketch dontthinkrun.jpg


Don't think...Run

Main Location: Pinned to a tree near player's spawn point.



Found on Midnight.

No Way Out


Unlockable Items

ve Journal Page 11

Journal Page 11.jpg

Tim: Mama, why can't we come home?


Tim: Don't you love us anymore?


Tim: Haven't you talked to Papa?


Tim: It's so cold out here...

Image Transcript:

See this item's page for the full details.

Show/Hide Audio/Image Transcript

Unofficial Description: A page from TBub and Dunk's journal that is about Tim.

How To Unlock:



No Way Out

After placing one of Tim's items: the mask, knife, or gas mask.

Other Items

Tim's voice is featured in this item:

ve Tom's Cracked Mask


Tim: Do you think he'll like it, mama?

In-Game Description: Hand-carved face mask cracked in two. Two eye holes with a mouth carved into a deep frown.

Main Location: Pinned on a tree near the Wood Shed.



Found on 2:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on second grave. Activates Tom once picked up. Place in main location.



No Way Out Gameplay

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