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His broken image will corrupt your vision

Tom is either the 3rd or 4th child that is encountered, appearing at 2:00 AM and after. Tom is a mangled mess of a human being who's body somewhat resembles that of a child in his early teens. He is the twin brother of Tim. He wears a white broken mask with a harsh frown carved into it along with a tattered schoolboy uniform.


Tom behaves in a very bizarre fashion, defying logic in a number of ways. Like Lillian and Tim, Tom will toy with his victims by briefly teleporting directly in their line of sight. This also causes the player's vision to glitch, which applies to all the times Tom is looked at for too long.

Tom makes constant reminders of his presence when he is active on an hour, such as being seen in the player's peripheral vision. His footsteps can be heard while walking, which is similar to what Tim does; however, Tom's steps are much faster. Players can also sometimes hear Tom's sudden gasping and choking noises.

Tom has three distinct moves:

  • He will slide into the player's view a few feet away, and will slide into view each time the player attempts to avert their eyes. The quickest way to avoid this is to have Sam or TBubber look directly above themselves. This move is often part of a crescendo event.
  • The player happens to turn at the right moment when Tom has been trailing them for a while. The player can run away from this move instead of simply looking away, which can be advantageous if they have to avoid another child like Tim chasing them.
  • Tom will replicate himself and circle the player out of nowhere. In this move, he manifests himself by rising from the ground in a billow of soot and green fire that scorches the ground. He appears as a crumpled mess, then quickly unfolds his broken limbs and rises to his feet. He always appears facing away from the player, but will actually attempt to twist his head around to look at them. To avoid this, it is best to look down or above until Tom's chase theme or the cracking noises from his neck cease.

In all of Tom's attacks, the critical thing players must do to survive is not look directly at him. To indicate that the player is looking at Tom too much, he will let out a distorted scream and cause the player's vision to glitch. Once the player has looked at him long enough, Tom will initiate a death animation by rising from the ground and floating at an incredibly fast speed towards the player, or simply lurch towards them.

Tom can be seen disappearing in a cloud of green fire if the player is able to avoid him.

Death Animations

  • Tom will grab the player by the neck. He chokes them and throws them on the ground, then walks away.
  • Mirroring his brother Tim, Tom will strike the player with his limp right arm. He knocks the player to the ground and finishes them off by slamming both his arms onto them.
  • Tom will grab the player, strangling them and pushing them to ground. He then finishes them off by raising his right hand and striking the player across the face.
  • Tom is featured in a death animation with his twin brother. Tim distracts the player while Tom sneaks in and pushes the player down. The twins will approach the fallen player as they black out. It should be noted that technically this is a Tim death animation, as it is activated only by getting caught by Tim.


Tom, being the twin of Tim, looks very much like him but there are many key differences in his appearance.

Tom has messy, dark brown hair with a right part. His bangs cover his mask's right eye. The mask he wears is similar to Tim's, but it is cracked in two places and portrays a sad face. The large crack on the mask's left eye reveals a brown coloured eye. His skin is grey in colour, and his body is riddled with many injuries. Besides the typical scrapes and cuts as with his siblings, most if not all of his bones appear broken in some way. His spine seems to be severely bent, and the bone is exposed on his right elbow and left leg. His right knee bends at an odd angle, causing his foot to turn inward. His left foot is limp and he stands on his ankle.

Tom's clothing is torn and ripped for an unknown reason. His necktie seems to be cut and is pulled out of his shirt, and the lapels of his undershirt are disheveled. The undershirt's sleeves are ripped and dirty at the ends. His vest is torn at the end, exposing the undershirt, and the right pant leg is ripped, making it shorter than the other. Just like Tim, Tom wears a pair of saddle shoes and short socks.

Both Tom and Tim make coughing and wheezing sounds, but Tom's are more intense. Other sounds Tom makes are harrowed breathing, growling, and what seems to be laughing.

Tom's idle animation consists of him twitching and shuddering constantly. He makes loud cracking noises whenever he moves his limbs. He usually holds the same pose with his head limply lying on his right shoulder.


  • Tom can be very difficult to evade for beginning players due to the bizarre way he attacks in comparison to the other children.
  • Do not look at Tom even a little bit longer than needed.
  • Players should be aware that Tom will not be blocked by obstructions such as the walls of the Wood Shed. Always watch for glitching to know when to look away.
  • If Tom is lurking in the player's peripheral vision they can look at him for a split second in order to get him to leave.
  • Looking down can sometimes be an easy way to get away from Tom, but this can be detrimental if Caleb is present, causing slowed movements and allowing him to attack.
  • To evade Tom's circling move, one should try to find the ever present gap in the swarm of Toms.
  • There are times when looking down causes Tom to leave, but there are also times when the player must run away and avoid looking at him as much as possible. If you stand still during the wrong moment, Tom can kill you.


  • Tom went through many changes in the game's development:
    • In the pre-alpha of Wick, Tim and Tom weren't going to wear masks and they looked exactly the same.
    • During the alpha, Tom would behave almost exactly like Tim.
    • Later in the alpha, Tom could crawl like a spider.
    • Tom was at one point in development going to be named Donavin.
  • Tom and Tim are the only children who participate in a death animation together.
  • Tom is the only child to corrupt the player's vision.
  • Tom can sometimes appear in the other children's death animations. This is caused by a bug in his behaviour but was left in by developers.
  • Bizarrely, in the family photo, Tom's clothing is ripped even before his mangled appearance in the game.
  • Another interesting difference between the twins' masks is that Tom's mask has carved out nostrils while Tim's mask does not. This difference can even be seen in their drawings.
  • Tom's vocals were done by Maceo Mair, the Game Designer of Wick. He also voiced TBubber.


Tom's behaviour has barely changed in No Way Out.

Death Animations

  • Tom headbutts TBub multiple times.


Tom wears a more severely damaged mask, with loose stitches barely keeping it together. Brown straps coming from the mask are nailed to his head, securing the mask to his face. His hair is sparse, leaving him with some bald spots. Both of his eyes can be seen through his bloodstained mask. They are constantly closed, his left eye forcibly shut with stitches. Blood is constantly dripping from his mouth. His vest is now red, and his clothes are filthier and more ragged. His left shirt sleeve is completely ripped off. Curiously, he lacks the school crest patch on the vest.

Tom's wounds appear to be bloodier than usual. Trailing down his neck are strange blister-like markings. Continuing from them, the front of his shirt is covered with a crusty brown stain.


Tim and Tom make an appearance in an event that is tied to the achievement Sunday Worship.

The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

After activating the twins, TBubber gets teleported to the church. Standing at the podium, he takes the place of Pastor McElroy as he preaches to an unseen audience. Suddenly, a shadowy, floating figure appears and wrecks havoc on the church but the pastor keeps praying. The doors swing open to reveal the twins. Tim nonchalantly walks down the aisle while the pastor is speechless. Tom teleports in front of the pastor and presumably chokes him to death.


  • In the main game, Tom's mask had nostrils, but his No Way Out mask does not.
  • In a tweet [1] revealing Tom's No Way Out drawing, there is an excerpt from the poem The Hollow Men by T.S. Elliot [2].

Collectible Items

ve Tom's Rattle


(Sound of a baby's crying, Brahm's Lullaby playing)
John Weaver: What's wrong with him?

In-Game Description: Infant's toy. High quality materials suggest European in origin, early 1900s.

Main Location: On a seat in the bus.



Found on 3:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on second grave. Activates Tom once picked up. Place in main location.

ve Tom's Cracked Mask


Tim: Do you think he'll like it, mama?

In-Game Description: Hand-carved face mask cracked in two. Two eye holes with a mouth carved into a deep frown.

Main Location: Pinned on a tree near the Wood Shed.



Found on 2:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on second grave. Activates Tom once picked up. Place in main location.

ve Tom's Leg Brace


Lillian: Ring around the rosie. Pocket full of posie. Ashes ashes... we all fall dead.

In-Game Description: Infant size metal leg brace similar to those used to treat children with polio in the early to mid 1900s.

Main Location: Under the bridge.



Found on 1:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on second grave. Activates Tom once picked up. Place in main location.

ve Tom Drawing

WICK hintsketch lookaway.jpg



Main Location: Pinned to a tree near player's spawn point.



Found on 2:00 AM.

No Way Out


Unlockable Items

ve Journal Page 34

Journal Page 34.jpg
Audio Transcript:

(Two babies crying throughout)
Mary Weaver: God, be merciful to me! Wash away all my evil and make me clean from this sin! Judge me, condemn me, I've been evil since the day I've been born, but remove my sin, I will be clean! Let me hear sounds of joy and gladness! Let the bones you have crushed rejoice! Close your eyes to my sins and release all my evil...close your eyes to my sins and release all my evil!

Image Transcript:

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How To Unlock:



No Way Out

After placing one of Tom's items: the rattle, cracked mask, or leg brace.



No Way Out Gameplay

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Tom's chase theme in Wick:

Tom's chase theme in No Way Out:


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