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Hey guys, TBubber here! Comin' atcha with my latest episode!

– Travis "Tbubber" Burton, No Way Out

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Travis Burton, also known as TBubber, is the protagonist for No Way Out. He was first mentioned in the missing persons report evidence received after beating 3:00 AM in the main campaign.


The missing persons report evidence provides a detailed description of TBubber. He was a 15 year old boy with black hair, brown eyes, and light skin. He wore wire-rimmed glasses and on the night of his disappearance was wearing a red hooded jacket, jeans, and black cons runners. He had a left eyebrow piercing, as well as a gold chain with a small crucifix. He also had on a gray backpack.

In-game, Travis has a large amount of dialogue compared to the game's original protagonist, Sam. He responds to being bumped into trees with grunts and swears, and adds comments about the objects he picks up and places. 

He seems to be very care-free and naive, speaking about subjects such as the Weavers with little respect and talking with many cuss words. He also seems to have a humorous personality, making puns and jokes very frequently.


TBubber and his friend Duncan were amateur paranormal investigators researching the supernatural events surrounding the Weaver family. They had a journal that catalogued all their research. Duncan was the main researcher of their team, while TBubber was more concerned with their success. The pair also ran a website, playwick.com. Their popularity skyrocketed when they started posting videos of their findings regarding Wick on social media, namely YouTube. Apparently, along the line, TBubber cut ties with Duncan and took all the credit for the research for himself. This angered Duncan and he left a pointed voice message on TBubber's phone. TBubber also left a message for Duncan: He asked Duncan to meet him at the gate at 6:00 AM where TBubber promised he would make things right.

On Halloween at Midnight, TBubber makes his way into Pine Creek Summer Camp with his camera to film for his next video about the Weavers. A tree falls onto the path he entered through, essentially trapping him in there. However, this did not deter him, as he investigates the camp, commentating on what he sees to his future audience. He finds the key to the gate in the Counselor's cabin, and once inside the notorious forest he sees a light in the distance. It belongs to a candle, and it is sitting amongst five graves; he insists he had no hand in this. His flashlight, which was giving him trouble the whole time, finally died, and it is pitch black until the candle suddenly lights up and there are items on the graves that weren't there before. TBubber states that according to the legend, he must put the items back where they belong.

As he picks up each item, the spirits of the Weaver children manifest to pursue TBubber. After he places an item from each grave, he wants to leave. The camp gate, which was closed mysteriously after he entered, has suddenly opened. Once through, the gate once again closes and TBubber turns to find Benny. TBubber runs for his life as all the ghost children chase after him. Seeing a light coming from the Counselor's cabin, he rushes in to find a lit candle lying on the desk. The door slams shut and on the back of it there is a poster with the words "NO WAY OUT" written in something red. He barely has enough time to comprehend the message before an unknown attacker hits him in the face with a shovel. The story closes with a view from his cracked headcam lens as a crow picks on what is presumably TBub's dead body lying on the floor.

On November 1st, TBubber's mother files the missing person report that is given to the player after beating 3:00 AM. The opening of Last Year is audio of a news report in winter of 2014 and it states that there were no new leads on his disappearance.


TBubber has three items found in the first three hours of Wick. Collecting them all will unlock Last Year.

ve TBubber's Headcam


TBubber: Going through some of my comments from my previous videos like I always do. There was a comment here from Zoe73 and she says that my new catchphrase should be "TBubber DBubber, make sure you're a Subber." Yes Zoe, I will absolutely never be saying that.


TBubber: This next comment is from AaronSayWhat. Aaron say WHAAAT?! And it says, "TBubber, been watching your videos since the beginning, and your last video literally scared the shit out of me." Well Aaron, I think you're literally using the word literally wrong, or you really need to go clean yourself up immediately, cuz that's gross man.


TBubber: Hey guys, TBubber here! Comin' atcha with my latest episode! You guys sure are loving the scary stuff: 500,000 views on that last one?! Whaat?!?

Show/Hide All Audio

In-Game Description: Newer model wearable video camera. Poor condition from exposure to elements.

Main Location: On the couch.



Found on Midnight.

No Way Out

Kept in Counselor's Cabin.

ve TBubber and Dunk's Journal


(voice message beep)
TBubber: Dude, if this shit's true, and we found out it's real, then our channel is going to blow up! That can finally be our ticket out of this shithole.

In-Game Description: Heavily used spiral bound journal entitled WICK.
Inset reads: All WICK theories are the soul property of Travis and Duncan *playwick.com*. BEWARE! If you found this book, we are prolly dead. And you will be soon too! WHAAAAT?!
(Adjacent page features some sort of map.)

Main Location: Leaning against the last gravestone in the graveyard.



Found on 1:00 AM.

No Way Out

Kept in Counselor's Cabin.

ve TBubber's Crushed Phone

Crushed phone.png

(voice message tone)
Duncan: Trav are you fucking kidding me? 5 million subs and you're gonna pretend I don't exist now? Like this wasn't all my fucking idea you're taking credit for? You lying piece of shit! Let's see how your fans like it when they find out what you did Travis! FUCK YOU!
(sound of phone hanging up)

In-Game Description: Badly damaged smartphone. Appears to have been crushed by major blunt force.

Main Location: Lying in front of the camp gate.



Found on 2:00 AM.

No Way Out

Kept in Counselor's Cabin.



  • TBubber is voiced by Wick's game designer Maceo Mair.
  • According to his missing person report, TBubber is 5'11" and weighs 180 pounds. Also, his blood type is O.
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