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Administrators are trusted editors who have access to advanced tools and features that are restricted for regular users.

About Administrators

Administrators can promote users to discussion and chat moderators, but cannot promote other users to become admins.

Admin tools include:

  • Deleting pages and images
  • Undeleting pages and images
  • Protecting and unprotecting pages
  • Blocking users
  • Rollback tool
  • Access to the wiki's CSS
  • Access to MediaWiki pages

About Bureaucrats

Wikia founders are automatically given bureaucrat rights, and other users may be granted bureaucrat status through wikia adoption or by another bureaucrat.

Bureaucrats can grant rollback, content moderator, administrator, and bureaucrat rights to other users. They can also take these rights away.

Becoming an Admin

Asking to become an admin after just joining the wiki will not get you the job. You must first edit often and make constructive contributions. If you build up a good standing on the wiki, you will be much more likely to be promoted.

This Wiki's Staff

Tromble the Amazing (Wall)

  • Founder, Bureaucrat, Admin

Bluegeist (Wall)

  • Admin

TheModster (Wall)

  • Admin

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