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These are the rules for the Wick Wiki. The contents of this page are subject to change, so check it often.

If you have any questions, please ask an admin.


  • All users must follow the Wikia Terms of Use.
  • Do not harass or insult users.
  • Mild swearing is allowed. Excessive profanity and slurs are not allowed.
  • Do not troll.
  • Do not spam or advertise anywhere on the wiki.


  • Do not vandalize articles.
  • Do not edit user pages other than your own.
  • Do not copy content from other sites and paste it in articles here without credit.


  • Images depicting explicit gore or sexual themes are not allowed.
    • As the games themselves are already gory, images/art will be determined as inappropriate if they exceed the goriness established. Images/art that depict guuro or equivalent are not allowed.
  • Do not upload images with let's players faces on them.
  • Fan art goes on user pages, blogs, and the forums only.
  • Check that the image you want to upload isn't on the wiki already. You can see the wiki's images here.


The first offense results with a warning. Failure to follow warnings and/or highly disruptive behavior will result in a short block. If a user continues to be disruptive after the first block then they will receive a longer block.

Blocks will also be extended if a user attempts to circumvent a block.

Please be courteous and use common sense when conducting yourself. We want users to have fun and be safe while using the wiki. Happy editing!

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