Wick Wikia
Wick Wikia

Article Titles

  • When naming articles, avoid using words like "the" preceding the rest of the title. Example: name an article "Garden" instead of "The Garden"

Form of English

  • This wikia is written in Canadian English. Please be sure to keep the writing consistent with this form of English.

Naming Conventions

  • Game names (including special added content), book titles, poem titles, and movie titles should be italicized[1]. Example: Wick and No Way Out.
    • Note: When talking about the game, Wick is italicized, but when talking about the fictional camp game, Wick does not need to be italicized.

Point of View

  • Use third person point of view. Avoid referring to the player as "you" or "we" [2].

Proper Use of Tense

  • When writing about the events in Wick, use the "literary present"[3]. Example: Sam takes his blindfold off after his friends walk away.


  • To refer to death by strangulation by a rope, use "hanged" as the past tense of "hang", not "hung" [4].