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This is how a horror movie starts...

– Travis "Tbubber" Burton, No Way Out

The Wood Shed is a structure located in the northwest of the main area. It also acts as the backdrop for the Main Menu and the repository for the player's collection of drawings, evidence, and items for the main campaign.


The wood planks that made up the walls and roof have withered to the point that there are gaps, allowing for view of the inside. Currently, there are vines crawling up the sides, an indicator of its old age and lack of use. Windows on the sides and back of the shed appear to have been planked off at one point, while the door remains open to allow passageway. Outside, there is a storage bin that sits to the right of the door and two barrels that sit to the left. Inside, there is a stove in the corner, with its stove pipe sticking out past the broken roof.


ve Tom's Cracked Mask


Tim: Do you think he'll like it, mama?

In-Game Description: Hand-carved face mask cracked in two. Two eye holes with a mouth carved into a deep frown.

Main Location: Pinned on a tree near the Wood Shed.



Found on 2:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on second grave. Activates Tom once picked up. Place in main location.

ve Lantern


Lillian: Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home. Your house is on fire and your children are gone.

In-Game Description: Older model solid brass kerosene lantern with mantle. No longer functions.

Main Location: Sitting on the stove in the Wood Shed.



Found on 4:00 AM.

No Way Out

Spawns on fourth grave. Activates Benny once picked up. Place in main location.

ve John Weaver's Noose

Audio Transcript:

(night insects chirping)
John: Goodbye Mary. Your wicked lies have finally destroyed our family. My heart and soul. You deny your sin and blame the church, but it was you who invited the Devil into our bed, and look what it has cost us. I gave my pride, my honor, and even my body for God and country, but your demons stole the rest of me, piece by piece. My final prayer is that you pay with your own life as I now pay with mine. God forgive me. May I find what is lost.

In-Game Description: Coil of rope tied into a Hangman's Noose.

How To Unlock:



No Way Out

Encounter John Weaver's ghost in the Wood Shed as part of the Hangin' Out With Dad achievement.


  • There is a chance that once the structure is entered the door will close, preventing escape. Tom spawns in the middle of the room. If surviving Tom proves successful, the Claustrophobia Steam achievement will be earned.
  • A chair with a hanging noose above it will sometimes appear within the structure. It disappears once approached.
  • When walking past the building, creaking of the door can sometimes be heard, but it never moves.
  • In No Way Out, the ghost of John Weaver can be viewed preparing to hang himself with the noose and chair that were seen in the main game. Seeing this will earn the Hangin' Out With Dad achievement.


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